Speech Writing

Help with your Speechwriting

According to  psychologists, nothing in this life is quite as terrifying to the generality of Mankind as the looming requirement to make a public speech.
Whether this be a social occasion, a business presentation or a (prepared) spontaneous Parliamentary outburst in the Commons, planning is required. As with most things in life, it is attention to detail that brings success.
As an experienced speaker himself, and as a speech editor for several MPs, MSPs and other public figures, David will advise on the draft of a looming speech or presentation. Even if just to confirm that the content, style and length are satisfactory, knowledge that the speech has been examined by an experienced hand and eye is a major reassurance.

David is happy to advise on the content and delivery but is most usually presented with an early Draft, wich he and you can finesse and polish until both parties are happy. The speech can then be rehearsed either face to face, or by voice or Skype video-link. He will also help the inexperienced speaker with the Rules of the Game: how to handle your Notes and Microphone, as well as your Chairman, Toastmaster – and even hecklers……!