Public Speaking

The after-dinner speech is an art form, its ideals first set out by Aristotle in Athens 25 centuries ago. The greatest exponents of the art, such as the late Peter Ustinov, Rory Bremner (above, with David) Lord William Hague and the BBC’s Henry Blofeld all obey the one Golden Rule: they  leave the audience wanting more
Every speech should be unique to its occasion and audience. It should contain a mixture of information and entertainment bound together by eloquence – and liberally seasoned with wit and anecdote.

The good speaker deploys not just a command of the language, but also mimicry, timing, and a wry, deadpan look at our Life & Times.
All of these features are aimed at giving both the Hosts and their Guests,the enjoyment of the moment – and the pleasure of having attended a first class occasion.